Final Fantasy XIV ramps up for Endwalker with a lyrical journey, starting with Answers

Guitar solo!

When Endwalker arrives in just over a month, it concludes a story that Final Fantasy XIV has been telling ever since the launch of A Realm Reborn in 2013. That’s a journey through several expansions and events, and it’s also a trip through numerous theme songs that the game has used over the years. So the official site is taking us on a lyrical tour of these songs, starting with the theme from the original launch as well as A Realm Reborn, Answers.

Anyone who has played the game since launch is likely familiar with the mournful, pleading tone of Answers and the almost desperate build of its central refrain, but if you’ve come into the game more recently, you might not have the same emotional resonance attached to it. Heck, maybe you’re an old hand but just want a chance to feel very emotional about this particular song again. Whatever the case, the lyrics are right here for the first step along a trip down memory lane.


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When they put the original trailer out on YouTube in 2012 at the close of 1.x I had less than zero interest in the game. When I saw it, I knew nothing. Didn’t know the setting, any of the characters, beyond general Final Fantasy tropes. That cinematic was enough to get me to sign up for beta, and then be there for ARR launch.

Vincent Clark

Pretty much the same for me…I started playing just after HW launched, but it was coming across this original trailer that got me interested in playing the game.