Indie sandbox MMO Galaxies of Eden talks crafting and economy, shares a pre-alpha housing test


Looking for Star Wars Galaxies without playing Star Wars Galaxies? Then you probably have your eyes on Galaxies of Eden, the ambitious indie sandbox MMO being crafted by MIR Cybernetics Corporation that we highlighted in August 2021. The game has come back onto our radar thanks to a new video preview and a fresh dev blog that followers might want to be aware of.

First, the dev blog, which is all about crafting and the game’s economy. Of particular note is the fact that the game will not have gear drops, requiring Industrialist players to make equipment for everyone else as well as repair crafted gear.

Doing this is done by way of finding crafting components (aka blueprints) and item slots (which grant bonuses to crafted items), both of which drop from defeated enemies. Crafting items will have familiar beats to SWG vets, with material quality affecting a final product, various crafting disciplines to follow, and an item refinement system that can improve a final product. There will also be Artists as well, which as one might guess can give out buffs to other players. The blog goes into extremely granular detail so it’s certainly worth a read for the crafting-minded sandbox player.

Lastly, we have a video preview of the game’s open world housing, granting a live look at the placement and decoration of a house in-game. Again, much like SWG, houses can be placed anywhere on the open landscape and decorate their house freely, though unlike SWG there will be basic placement features like furniture rotation that don’t require you to complete a series of goofball quests to unlock. Furthermore, there are advanced features that let players adjust the size and scale of furnishings at will. That video can be found below.


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Toy Clown

I’m keenly interested in Galaxies of Eden. Looking forward to see its further shaping!