Lineage II is adding a new talisman, new zones, and the Sigel Death Knight class October 20


On Wednesday, October 20th, players of human male characters in Lineage II are going to have a spooky new class to play. It’s presumed to be spooky, anyway; a class called the Sigel Death Knight, which is arriving in the upcoming Dethrone update, is probably not full of rainbows, puppies, and sunshine.

What this new class is is a melee tanker and damage dealer that wields swords, heavy armor, and the ability to switch between Equilibrium and Rage, with the former being a tank stance and the latter a DPS stance, each with their own skills that are unique to each mode.

In addition to the new class, the update brings the PvPvE world territory of Dethrone, where players from rival servers battle to earn Dethrone Points by killing monsters or rival players to control the territory and earn rewards. The update further brings a new level 24 talisman, new craftable items, and the Tower of Insolence Mid-level world-timed hunting zone.

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