Astellia Online went ahead and sunsetted early this week – RIP


Blink and you missed it: Astellia Online is already gone.

Back in August, we covered the news that the MMO and its free-to-play and poorly named sidekick, Astellia Royal, were planning to sunset on October 29th, making it only to the two-year mark since its launch here in the west. As we noted, the game was “solidly average” and “not astonishing, but certainly not atrocious,” but it failed quickly in Korea and attempted and failed to go all-in on Steam, then was handed off to a blockchain company.

However, at some point between August and now, the new owners apparently decided to step up the sunset and edited their announcement to that effect, as MMO Fallout noticed that the game was closed yesterday – a week and a half early.

The game’s Reddit has set up a final shutdown thread for players to say their farewells, though at least one player captured a last screenshot as the game closed down for good.

Big crowd at the end from Astellia

MOP’s own Eliot opined on the impending sunset back in August, discussing the lessons the industry should learn from a string of failed temports and how “good enough” isn’t good enough in the MMO genre any longer.


Source: Steam, Reddit, MMO Fallout

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Given that MMO’s have a communal/social aspect where people are mentally and emotionally invested in them, I have begun to feel they should not be operated by businesses but rather by their fans in like an open source environment.

Im only playing two mmos atm, COH and GW2. Only one am I emotionally invested in. I just find I cant emotionally invest in an mmo any longer since I know it will go away when its not profitable anymore.

I suspect a lot of folks are like that.

Kevin Smith

It is sad for the 30 or so players that were still playing the game. What is worst is all the people that are happy a game shut down. No one should ever be happy any game is shut down. The next one could be the one you enjoy.


Separating the wheat from the chaff.


Somehow I have a feeling that this game deserved much better. :(

Jim Bergevin Jr

All games do. Unfortunately there are devs out there who don’t do their homework and, of course, the community will be the community.

The two most common mistakes I see devs make are the “oh, that’s the hot trend, let’s do that!” and the “No one is making the {ultra niche, unpopular, but the devs themselves love it mechanic/style} and do that, and we’re not changing it no matter what anyone says.” methods. Ultimately, they have no one to blame but themselves.


While this maybe true to an extent, but I can’t help wonder if games just die because of underrated’ness. And thus too much money was spent to keep it afloat. /sigh