Book of Travels issues first early access patch, discusses customization plans


With Book of Travels out in the wilds of early access a whole week now, Might and Delight has dropped the game’s first update. Don’t get too excited, as it’s not a big one by any stretch. In fact, the only non-bug-fix tweak is the additional of new means for acquiring certain skills. Additional fixes were made to disappearing characters, pockets, spawning, vehicles, and tooltips.

The game has definitely made a small splash on Steam; it saw a peak of 1390 concurrent players a week ago. It remains to be seen how that playerbase might improve in the next couple of years of development leading into the full launch.

Until then, though, Might and Delight means to continue updating; over the weekend, it apologized for the rocky launch and discussed its immediate plans – and they include improved customization.

“The current task ahead for the development team is to stabilise the game, remove bugs and make all interactions smoother, removing instances of locking or hindering the player and other quality of life fixes. But on top of that we are very eager to address some of the more common suggestions and wishes that you’ve put forward for us. A more personalised character creation is probably on the very top of the list of popular requests, and we agree that Book of Travels very much so would benefit from that. Below you can see some concepts for upcoming changes to character customisation and some new tweaks to the emotes feature. With these changes you’ll be able to change the height, skin colour, hair style and clothing tear for your Traveller when creating them. It will go a long way to make your particular character feel unique, we feel. As for the emotes rework, it’s an idea we had a while back that we think will make for a more understandable system that distinguishes between emotes and symbols, and separating them in a nice way. You get the idea when you look at the image.”

And hey, if you wanted to know what all the existing forms look like in-game right now, YouTuber Coercircuit has put them all together into a video for ya.

Source: Steam

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Not a single form/model/skin, whose hips lie! :/

Roger Melly

I hear they wont have in game chat like the meadow that is a shame . I like being able to converse with people in game .


I want to love this game, I really do but it is not very accessible.
If you’re (partially) blind/have poor sight, hard of hearing/deaf/have an auditory processing disorder or any other type of executive dysfunction its pretty hard to play.

Not saying they need to change their design but give tools for people to assist them a bit. Small things like an in-game notebook, the ability to repeat conversations, some sort of audio directionality indicator like FFXIV has and the ability to make text bigger/have interactables stand out a bit more would go a long way.

I spent an unreasonable amount of time looking for a frog.