Elder Scrolls Online offers a free subscription trial for the next week


Have you ever wondered what life is like on the other side of the subscription barrier in Elder Scrolls Online but were too cheap to splurge on it sight unseen? ZeniMax hopes to tempt you and others like you with a free trial of ESO Plus from now through October 25th.

That means that for the next few days, all players can access every single one of the game’s quest packs — including the new Waking Flame DLC — but not the expansions. Other benefits for the subscription include unlimited crafting storage, an XP buff, double housing funishings, and the ability to dye costumes.

You will need to activate ESO Plus for free in the crown store to get it going. And it should be noted that, no, you won’t be getting the crown stipend that real subscribers get every month (just in case you were wondering).

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