Lord of the Rings Online strives to shore up PvP content for ‘balance and accessibility’


The long-suffering PvMP — that’s “player vs. monster player” to you — community in Lord of the Rings Online is getting an unexpected spotlight this fall from Standing Stone Games. In a lengthy post put out yesterday, the studio explained how is aiming to address the gameplay mode for “balance and accessibility, while addressing longstanding issues.”

A future patch for PvMP will rework audacity, add new gearsets, and introduce a new type of PvMP essence. “The main goal of this update is to level up everything to the new level cap, create viable PvMP gear for freeps that is not PvE centric, and work on quality-of-life changes,” SSG said.

In other news, SSG announced that it is participating with this year’s Extra Life charity to raise $20,000 for Boston Children’s hospital. The studio is kicking in the initial $5,000 and asking players to donate as well.

Source: LOTRO

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Ardra Diva

Monster Play is a really cool spin on open PvP and I’ve always thought it was a very cool feature.

Kickstarter Donor

What’s that sound? It’s all three PvPers cheering. πŸ˜†. I keed, I keed.