Lost Ark dates its closed beta for November 4 featuring new content and new level caps


We’ve still got a long way to go before Lost Ark decides to become a released thing here on our shores, but perhaps the MMOARPG’s upcoming closed beta test will be enough of a salve for you. Also, you should probably use it to provide feedback as well.

The test will start on Thursday, November 4th, and will run for an entire week until Thursday, November 11th. Testing will focus on server stability, tech integrations, and large scale bug testing, while content of the beta will include advancement up to character level 55 and expedition level 100. There will also be new character prologues intended to help players acclimate to their chosen class and standardize the game’s tutorial, along with new islands, pastoral activities in Strongholds, and dungeon content up to the Phantom Palace.

Finally, the in-game store will be open for testing, though it won’t be selling items to players, instead granting every tester 40,000 Royal Crystals to use to test the shop’s functionality. On the subject of the game’s cash shop, the announcement post promises that more details about Lost Ark’s monetization will be shared ahead of the closed beta. For now, interested players can either buy their way into access with a founder’s pack purchase or add their name to the draw.

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