Neverwinter brings around its Masquerade of Liars for more Halloween fun this year

But sometimes fall.

In a world filled with polymorph spells, costume contests probably have a very different feel. Neverwinter is not going to explore that possibility, however. It’s going to instead focus on giving you fun cosmetic options to explore with this year’s Masquerade of Liars, from costume options to mounts to pets to dye packs. You can look appropriately spooky all the way through the event with all sorts of good stuff starting on October 21st and running through November 4th.

But what would a Neverwinter Halloween event be without the Contest of Liars? Non-competitive, for one thing, and you can’t have that. Players will have to sign up with one of three factions and take part in an ongoing battle to see which faction can acquire the biggest pile of treats, with different daily tasks to complete and an exclusive award awaiting for the victorious faction. So get in there and strive to be the very best.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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