Riot Games on video game anti-cheat measures: ‘It’s a continual arms race’


Remember last year when folks lost their minds over Valorant’s kernel-level anti-cheat? Well, it’s here to stay, and moving forward it might be a trend for many future games, and Riot has continued to sing its praises in a recent blog post on the current state and future of Vanguard, its anti-cheat software. Riot writes that “report rates are at an all time low,” but it’s not resting on its laurels because the folks who make those cheat programs sure aren’t.

“Combating cheating is not a ‘set it and forget it’ solution like an advanced anti-cheat or some sentient AI – it’s a continual arms race. […] There’s been an increased popularity in hardware cheats. These are cheats that depend on an external piece of hardware to run functionally, intended to try to bypass both protections and detections implemented by the team. Cheat developers have also instituted other novel ideas, such as machine learning algorithms.”

Unsurprisingly, the studio says it will “continue to iterate on the best version of Vanguard with an emphasis on keeping cheaters out of the ecosystem for good.” It’s also looking into “fighting other forms of game integrity abuse, where cheats may be indirectly used to gain an unfair advantage.” Specifically, that means punishing players boosted by cheating accounts, using Riot’s “automated measures.” Now, if it could add some kind of PvE horde mode…


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IronSalamander8 .

While I have zero interest in Riot games and their kernel level anti-cheat, they do have a point. One of my few negatives about PvZ:GW2 is the level of cheating we have in multiplayers matches there, EA has done a terrible job in the game in this department, marring an otherwise great PvP shooter experience. PvZ: BfN has much better anti-cheat, but isn’t anywhere near as good of a game.

I really don’t care if you use mods and cheats in private bot/friend matches and such, but keep that crap out of the competitive matches!


You can understand the attraction all the same, from a purely business point of view:

It’s software, so development costs only, no production or materials costs.
You’ve got a ready-made customer base.
Riot themselves spend money expanding this customer base.
Your users help sell your product by bragging/twitching/tweeting about it.
Your buyer gets punished when they get caught, not you.
People seek out your product, few advertising costs
You don’t have to worry about warranties, refunds or customer service.

Besides getting sued, the only downside I could see is having competition that’s probably as dodgy and ruthless as you are.


Ain’t that the truth. The problem is to make sure single player cheaters ar not in the middle of this crossfire. I’ve noticed alot of online cheating, mostly in destiny 2, war zone, and small Battle Royale games out there with no popularity like paladins and spellbreak.

I’ve seen even some private servers from various mmos have their wall of shame up and noticed some people are banned strongly, such as they can’t go in even if they do another account because their hardware banned