EverQuest’s perks are live as EverQuest II begins Visions of Vetrovia beta and preorders


In the beginning of September, we were all alerted to the incoming arrival of Perks, an additional layer of monetization on top of EverQuest’s All Access subscription plan that grants additional boons like XP bonuses, extra inventories, and loyalty vendor discounts for an extra fee on top of the subscription price. The monetization scheme has now officially gone live, so if you’re among those who want to pay between $3 and $5 more a month for some extra buffs, the option is yours to take.

The launch of the new Perks plan also came along with an FAQ, confirming things like Perks ending when a subscription ends, the ability to switch or cancel Perks, and Perks working on TLE progression servers, though certain benefits won’t be available until the appropriate expansion is applied to the servers.

Speaking of expansions, EverQuest II has opened pre-orders for its next expansion, Visions of Vetrovia. Players who buy the expansion ahead of time will get goodies like mounts, a level 120 character boost, and unique mercenaries and familiars depending on what edition they buy. In addition, everyone who pre-orders will get instant access to the expansion’s beta test, which is now underway.

All in all, Daybreak Games would really like your money now, please.

sources: EverQuest website and Daybreak Games help site via EQ1 forums, EverQuest II website, cheers Wilhelm and Clowd!

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Richard de Leon III

If they want to increase the subs why dont they just increase it. Hiding it as an optional subfee is just dirty. Im wondering if its because of all the lifetime subs they sold a few years back, all that income will dry up soon if they arent buying additional cash shop currencies.


No thanks. I don’t play EQ2 past level 100, because I don’t like what they have done to my favorite game.

Sarah Cushaway

Same. Every time I see an EQ2 article I just feel sad remembering how much fun I had years ago and how badly they’ve neglected it since.