Skyforge starts a Halloween celebration with broom racing and candy bandits


Bad news, deities of Skyforge: The game world is under attack once again. “What is it this time?” you ask as you slowly, wearily reach for your weapon of choice and groan in familiar irritation. The answer is that it’s candy bandits. That’s bandits who are stealing candy, not ones made out of candy; we realize that either one is plausible in this particular title. Of course, killing them produces candy that you use as currency for various holiday rewards but don’t return to the people who got it stolen, so perhaps banditry is a memetic infection.

Players will also be able to take part in a race event in which they straddle a broom and zip about while avoiding being knocked off the broom via flung pumpkins, so this Halloween event seems to generally just involve people doing things to spoil other people’s fun. Regardless, you should still be able to get more than a little enjoyment out of the event while it runs until November 2nd.

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