Swords of Legends Online adds two new extreme raids this week, plans to open two more next week


The most EXTREME of challenges awaits in Swords of Legends Online as the game’s upcoming patch is opening up some stern new endgame challenges for players to master in the form of extreme raids. Excuse me, I meant EXTREME RAIDS!

On Sunday, October 24th, both the Waves in a Tempest raid and the Horror of Huaixiu raids will open their extreme versions, both of which demand that players be level 85 and manually form groups as there’s no automatic matchmaking available for these encounters. Both raids reward things like Hero Tokens and cosmetics, and the Tempest raid offers up the chance at a unique turtle mount. The update has also added some fresh cosmetics in the Hero Token store for raiders to spend those tokens on.

The EXTREME content won’t end there, as next week’s update will add two more extreme raids, both of which are set to open their doors on Sunday, October 31st. Next week’s patch will further add a new event with a brand new 3v3 minigame to play. Which sounds less EXTREME but also fun. Of course, finding raiders that are EXTREME enough might be a challenge, as the game has seen its player numbers drop month over month on Steam. Player retention is EXTREMELY hard.

sources: press release, official site, Steamcharts

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The game has some of the most satisfying gameplay and monetization I’ve encountered in an MMORPG, but between the repeated usage of the same content (thus far), declining PvP population, and Gameforge’s unwillingness to market this game between some big MMO launches – I’m not very bullish on SOLO’s future.

I logged a TON of hours in the game through last month with a semi-hardcore guild, but was spending so much time doing the same dailies, weeklies, and raids that it felt more like a job than a fun game. I’ll maybe swing back around when new classes drop early next year since the game has some great “catchup” features already built in.

It’s a crying shame, too – the game has a lot of heart and complexity. The translations put off a ton of players when it first came out and it’s been a downhill population since.


It’s got some decent stuff, but it has a lot riding against. It just doesn’t do anything that much better than what we already have in the MMO genre now. Plus, the awful voice acting and translation, and Asian fantasy theme just isn’t popular at all in the West.

The most the team could hope for was to release early to cash in on the MMO drought before the bigger MMO releases and that’s exactly what they did. They are just smooth sailing into a sunset now.