Albion Online has big plans to reinvigorate its open world with better mobs, dungeons, and treasure


If Albion Online’s last dev talk video had your attention with its focus on prettying up and diversifying the game’s biomes, then today’s will lock that attention in place. Sandbox Interactive is back with another video on its plans for November’s Lands Awakened update, this one on mechanics changes coming to the open world.

The studio explains that its goal with this reborn open world is to offer unpredictable, dynamic rewards for “all player types and group sizes” without turning maps into monopolizable content for the biggest guilds. Key to this goal will be improving the mobs themselves by making them level up over time; the longer they stay alive, the better their drops will be, which should then encourage players to venture further out of town to adventure.

Similar changes are on deck for the game’s static dungeons, which will see dungeon rush events that should funnel PvE and PvP players to them. The team also aims to rework treasure sites to make them spawn more frequently and make them accessible to more players. And if you are more the gatherer type, you’ll want to peek at the changes to nodes too, as they’ll charge up and be visible on player maps.

“Soon we’ll discuss new music, major Guild Season changes, HQ Hideouts,” Sandbox promises.

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