Blade and Soul promises more story content in November with the release of Act XI Part 2


For those who have been playing Blade and Soul regularly enough that they’re hoping for more story content, your time is coming soon. The month of November, to be exact, as the game’s Act XI Part 2 story update will go live at that time.

The update’s main quest line will continue the story of Mushin, former general of the Naryu Empire who was betrayed by his half-brothers, sentenced to death, and turned to darkness by the plot. The next story portion promises to share more of Mushin’s past that drives him to perform acts against the Four Guardians and the innocent, as well as the return of old friends to test and guide players through the Divine Realm in a final confrontation against Mushin.

A specific date for this new story content isn’t available yet, but there won’t be too long for some tasty new story content for players to devour.


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