Bless Unleashed PC offers a preview of its next patch and answers player questions about its next updates

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Bless Unleashed on PC has been pretty fixated on the future, first with its upcoming roadmap plans and now with a preview of next week’s update. This patch will introduce four new lair challenges, two new dungeons, and the addition of a casual mode of Warlords Arena, where all characters are set to have balanced stats but still maintain their Blessings and skills.

Speaking of the roadmap, the devs have answered several player questions about Round 8 Studio’s plans for the game. These answers include the creation of an item obtained from in-game content that will let players regrant an existing item’s Rune options, the promise of more PC-friendly UI adjustments, and additional explanations about gear requirements and rewards from upcoming level 40 dungeons.

For the time being, the game saw a small patch yesterday that adjusted things related to mounts, the Marketplace, and other matters. It’s a pretty tiny patch all things considered.

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