New World’s faction PvP is rife with guild drama over ‘throwing’

And again.

The problem with a three-faction territory control PvP game like New World is that, without some manner of balance adjustment, one of the three factions will seemingly always be on the back heel. That has been the case for the Covenant faction on the Minda server, and now, according to several players’ recounting of events, that faction now holds no territory on the map whatsoever thanks to a guild leader reportedly throwing the war that contested its last held zone.

The leader of a Covenant guild by the name of Jade reportedly took several steps to make the faction lose the territory of Mourningdale, including replacing the territory’s previous tier three siege equipment with nothing but horns, encouraging participants and members of his guild to go into the war without armor, and ignoring a full standby list of level 60 players who came to defend the territory, letting low level characters into the war instead. Several replies to the OP corroborate the events, with one Redditor sharing personal accounts of conversations with Jade and another poster providing a video of the war.

Why do all of this? Because evidently Jade was going to transfer servers and so he wanted to burn the Covenant down with him.

“Throwing the last region, of a marginalized faction, simply because a company leader is planning on switching servers is abhorrent and impacts all Covenant on the server. I implore AGS to investigate this issue and the behavior of this company. Mourningdale should be returned to a neutral status or given back to one of the other Covenant companies that are still playing on the server. Many, in this server, do not want to see this turn into a two-way faction fight; however, Jade decided he would throw it in a last ditch attempt to troll his entire faction before he quits the game/switches to another server.”

The Redditor who posted the thread goes so far as to state that Jade’s throwing of the match was a violation of New World’s code of conduct, which does indeed touch on the matter of match throwing:

“Do not: engage in behaviors that reduce or disrupt the enjoyment of the game for others. This includes spamming chat, griefing, throwing matches, boosting, win-trading, trolling, or spoiling the game by sharing unreleased or confidential materials.”

Furthermore, whether this was an actual thrown match could be up for debate, as it could be argued that Jade simply entered a sort of agreed upon truce. Furthermore, the definition of throwing a match isn’t expressly defined in the code of conduct – it could just as easily mean players don’t participate in a war whatsoever. Still, the matter has been raised on the official forums and the video of the war is available for viewing below. Be forewarned, the video quality is rather choppy.

We’ve previously covered how the three-way faction has become a two-party system on some servers and how guilds have been scamming their own members funding territorial takeovers. Suffice it to say, the drama is surely only just getting started.

sources: Reddit, official site (1, 2), thanks to Zelibeli for the tip!
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