Dauntless’ Dark Harvest Halloween event brings cosmetics, contests, and a souped-up Shrowd


The Unseen are at it again in the world of Dauntless as the game’s Halloween-themed Dark Harvest event is back for another year. Just as they could last year, players can follow clues on the game’s Twitter account to find hidden gifts that lead to new Unseen-themed cosmetic rumors, while there will also be a series of quests for more armor and weapon cosmetics.

The headline Behemoth is the umbral Shrowd once again, but this time around players will have to face him with a unique wrinkle in the form of braziers that empower the monster but also increase the reward if he’s defeated. The devs at Phoenix Labs are also holding a cosplay contest and letting partnered content creators host giveaways for Holiday Harvest Prize Packs.

The event culminates on Thursday, October 28th, with a Bloodshot variant of the Shrowd that can be found in a new island event. Defeating this hyped-up version of Shrowd will reward players with clue drops for a new Shadow Scythe axe skin rumor to chase. As for the rest of the Dark Harvest, that will run from now until November 1st.

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