Sea of Thieves hands out free currency for hitting 25M players as its Halloween event rolls on


How does a game like Sea of Thieves celebrate a milestone like hitting over 25 million players? By handing out a huge pile of booty, that’s how. As a way to mark the new high water mark for player numbers, Rare is dishing out some free currency to everyone, and it’s no pittance either: 25,000 gold and 25 Doubloons, with one randomly selected player earning 25 million gold when handing in a treasure.

The new player numbers are being attributed to the introduction of seasons as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover content. This marks another rise in pirates sailing the seas from this past March, when the game sported 20 million players.

Meanwhile, the game is continuing its Fury of the Damned Halloween event, offering players the opportunity to get themselves some spooky cosmetics covered in plenty of stylized spiders while also promising “a special reward if the Sea of Thieves’ finest can rally together to smash a staggering score of skeletons.”

Fury of the Damned started at the beginning of the month and runs until Thursday, November 4th, while the free cash can be collected between now and Tuesday, October 26th, so whether you’re looking for spooky goodies or pirate gold, you had better get kraken.


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