Lord of the Rings Online starts Fate of Gundabad testing


While the first round of public testing has already concluded, Lord of the Rings Online: Fate of Gundabad’s beta — Update 31 — kicked off this past week. The update included the various regions of Gundabad, a new Allegiance UI panel, a fresh set of missions, and the Den of Pughlak three-person instance (which gives a new meaning to the term “pugging it”).

Additionally, Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini showed up for an hour-long Q&A this past Friday. The big announcements and details that he shared during this livecast include:

  • Brawler DPS is low and is due for upwards adjustment
  • Two new hobbies may be in the works: One that is “lore-intensive” and one that involves bird collecting
  • 64-bit versions of the servers may be coming this winter to help with lag
  • Mounted combat is slated to be “tweaked” but not revamped
  • River Hobbits will likely be the next new race in the game
  • The legendary item reward track is coming with the expansion
  • SSG is building an external and internal team to work on the graphics upgrade, which includes the UI
  • Fate of Gundabad’s dungeons and raids will come out in early 2022
  • More character creation options, including faces and hairstyles, are coming in early 2022

And the Update 30 soundtrack is now uploaded to YouTube:

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