Elyon temporarily shuts down world quests in order to mitigate server lag


While there’s plenty of questing to be had in Elyon, as of yesterday there’s one less type of quest on offer: the World Quest. Developer Kakao Games announced on Twitter that the game would be taking down World Quests, which players can queue for from the map, on a temporary basis in order to improve server performance.

It appears that this temporary shutdown is in response to the game’s high amount of lag, which players have been experiencing since the game’s launch according to several responses to the tweet as well as remarks from our own staffers who are playing the MMO. Many replies to the announcement support the decision as a good workaround until a fix is applied, and the devs do state they are working “around the clock” to come up with a permanent solution. Until then, like we alluded to earlier, there are other quests to be had.

source: Twitter

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…I have no lag either. But then again anecdotally, I am not playing it since this is the first I have ever heard of this game.

Incidentally though, Elyon appears to be a name of a god they worship in BDO. o.O

Hikari Kenzaki

Few corrections.
The house is furnished with 19 of 30 possible items for a tier 1 house. You can remove and reposition those items as well as add new items you purchase.
You can also decorate the house and craft buildings and add up to 40 decoration pieces to the yard.
Each free house is instanced. You can visit any house on your friends list as well as 5 at random per day to purchase more seeds.
I honestly don’t get why someone would want one of the houses in the open since there is zero privacy to them but to each their own.

Bruno Brito

Elyon at this moment “is” the best f2p game available.


Chris Dementia

I would definitely argue against it being the best f2p game, but that’s like my opinion man.

Hikari Kenzaki

Just updated, they’ll be adding a 3rd EU server but will be keeping World Quests disabled for now.
Character creation on the first two servers has been temporarily disabled. It should be noted they can turn this off and on on the fly similar to how New World turns off character creation on full servers. They’ve done it a few times in the last couple days.

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, I admire their diagnostic process.
They shut off one server’s world quests first to test the difference.
They saw the obvious impact, but also noted it wasn’t the only issue.
So, eliminate the known issue to focus on the unknown issue.
This is the kind of problem you can really only test under high load.