Elder Scrolls Online highlights the locations and creatures of the Deadlands zone


If you think you’ve seen everything possible out of a Daedric prince’s zone in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, the devs of Elder Scrolls Online would like to challenge that notion, as they offered up a preview of the Deadlands zone, the titular location that makes up the game’s Deadlands DLC.

As one might expect out of a zone for the Daedric prince of destruction, the Deadlands are full of perilous locations and hellish landscapes that fans of the series have come to expect, like those found in the Burn, but there’s also the tempest-wracked location of the Sever and even a safe harbor in the form of the town of Fargrave. The area will also be home to all sorts of horrifying hellbeasts, such as the Infernium, a creature that is described as “the living inspiration for the incredible Siege Walkers we will eventually meet during the Oblivion crisis.” So, basically, not a cuddly critter.

The Deadlands DLC lands for ESO PC players on Monday, November 1st, and for console players on Tuesday, November 16th, but you can get a look at the sights that await you here and now.

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