Elyon opens up a third European server as it fights for prominence


While Steam Charts doesn’t give us a complete overview of MMO populations, its ubiquitous presence helps to provide a strong indication of how games are doing. And according to this one data source, the recently released Elyon is not presenting any serious threat to the fall’s juggernaut, New World.

As of October 25th, Elyon is only peaking at a little over 15,300 players every day, compared to New World’s daily peak of 506,000. Elyon isn’t the only new MMO that’s struggled to find an audience this year, as Bless Unleashed (13,100 peak players) and Swords of Legends Online (1,100 peak players) also have failed to capture the zeitgeist.

Currently, Elyon is working to “stabilize the service,” especially in regards to some strong server lag and queues happening in Europe. To address this, the studio has disabled world quests and RvR and is opening up a third EU server called Perseus.

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