BitCraft studio addresses pre-alpha, griefing, and trade systems

Oh, hey.

Players have questions. BitCraft studio Clockwork Labs offered answers. Several of them, in fact, sharing some insight into several planned features for the social sandbox MMO as well as some general plans for the game’s pre-alpha testing phase.

The first three answers are focused on the game’s pre-alpha, confirming that the first waves of invites are planned to go out sometime before the end of this year. The scope of these initial invites hasn’t been decided, but the answers also confirmed that there will be an NDA in place and that the purpose of the pre-alpha will be to test the game’s technology and early mechanics.

As for mechanics, the rest of the Q&A gives a few ideas of what players can expect out of BitCraft. Players will be able to terraform the land (within reason); there will be no bespoke auction house but players will be able to trade from city to city and can even set up cities as designated trading hubs if they so choose; there won’t be a way to teleport around the map but the devs also promise that this doesn’t mean no fast travel options; and the devs will be focusing on any possible griefing that players try to engage in.

The answers also talk about minimum specs, death mechanics, additional customization features, and more. There’s a pretty broad variety of answers that curious followers may want to read through.

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