Elder Scrolls Online previews the armory system coming in Update 32


We’re just a week away from Elder Scrolls Online’s Deadlands drop on PC, but it’s always worth remembering that the DLC isn’t the only thing players can expect on November 1st. ZeniMax is also patching in Update 32 to the base game for all players, regardless of whether they’re buying or renting the DLC. And the star of that free update is the armory, which is intended to “reduce the friction for players switching activities or roles in the game.”

“With the Armory system, you can swap your characters’ builds quickly and easily without having to manually change things like gear, Attributes, Skill Points, and more,” the studio explains in a dev blog today. “To get started, all you need to do is acquire the free Armory Station found within the in-game Crown Store. Place the furnishing station in your home and you can begin to save and swap your builds! […] In addition to the Armory Station that you can place and access in your homes, a unique Armory Assistant, called Ghrasharog, will also be available for purchase with crowns from the in-game Crown Store. You can summon Ghrasharog in most areas, and he allows you and your party to change up your builds on the fly.”

Players will be granted two freebie armory slots with the patch, with more buyable in the cash shop; the idea is that players can feasibly have “one character [to] do it all,” from PvP to crafting, if they so desire.

Today’s blog also addresses changes to item set collections with the new Curated Item Set Drops system, which essentially runs a check against what players already have before generating loot and reduces the randomness of drops and improves player chances of actually collecting every piece in a set. “Of course, this change doesn’t affect every reward drop in the game, and there are some cases where you’ll continue to receive completely randomized rewards,” ZeniMax notes.

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