Embers Adrift reports ‘very pleasant’ weekend alpha testing


Can a name change, a new outlook on life, and an adjusted development course improve the prospects of a fading project? Embers Adrift, which emerged out of Saga of Lucimia, certainly hopes so. Currently, the title is running some alpha weekend tests as it resumed selling game pre-orders.

According to Embers Adrift’s community manager, the recent weekend test was “very pleasant” as both new players and previous backers came together to check out the progress being made. Currently, the team is showing off two zones (South Newhaven and North Newhaven).

“I realised that even in the very basic state that our game is at the moment, we’ve managed to create the experience we were hoping for,” said CM Elloa. “A feel of adventure. The desire to team up with others for ease and company, and a slow pace, so everyone has time to enjoy the moment.”

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