Guild Wars 2’s third End of Dragons elite spec beta begins today


Happy beta day, my lovely Guild Wars 2 people. Yep, the third End of Dragons beta is officially going live today. (Expect it around noon EDT as usual.) This will be your chance to get in and check out the Untamed, Specter, and Mechanist specs in person for the first time – and yes, you can roll up temporary toons for this even if you’re on a free-to-play account, making these true open betas.

“The third playable beta for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons arrives today with three new elite specializations, which enhance gameplay and provide new ways to experience character professions. Logging in to Guild Wars 2 will grant players the ability to create up to three new characters automatically powered to the level 80 cap, with the ability to choose the new Mechanist, Specter, and Untamed elite specializations for the Engineer, Thief, and Ranger professions. The beta will run through October 30 and be available to everyone, including play-for-free accounts. Replete with new skills and traits, each elite specialization provides a deep and rewarding new gameplay style for their associated profession, furthering player options to create a character to their detailed specifications and preferences.”

Do note that we’re expecting one more beta on November 30th, with all nine of the specs on display, including the previous six. Also, the last day of this event is Saturday, October 30th, so make sure you get in your playtime before then!

Source: Press release

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Dug From The Earth

Specter so far has been meh.

Ive come to realize that I wish Anet had simply made new weapons, rather than another elite spec.

Id so very much use scepter as my 2nd weapon on my staff acrobat.

Kickstarter Donor
Peregrine Falcon

I really hope they’ve done significant changes to the specs by the next beta in November. Some of the specs, like Willbender, were just garbage.