One month away from its sunset, Pathfinder Online is still adding new content


Back in July, we wrote about the impending closure of Pathfinder Online, and now, that closure is almost upon us. At the time, Paizo had planned the final day of the game for November 28th, bringing to a close a major plotline that capped off the history of the game. Even so, the studio admitted that it was possible it wouldn’t be able to keep the servers up until then.

Fortunately, it’s looking as if the servers do have another month left in them, as the team patched in another part of the storyline this week. “This release focuses on adding a new escalation for our final event, with Nhur Athemon’s own Chosen arriving to finish the war between death and undeath,” the devs explain.

“Nhur Athemon is ready to send out his toughest forces yet, his very own Chosen, in one final escalation. This will only appear as part of the event, not in the standard escalation rotation. This new escalation will initially appear at the end of a short sequence which will launch in all of the assigned monster hexes on Friday, October 29.”

As we’ve chronicled, Pathfinder Online was Kickstarted for over a million dollars back in 2012, but it saw layoffs and failed financing that pushed it to a state of perpetual beta with land auctions that apparently wasn’t enough to keep it going.

Source: Patch notes[/source]

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They lost me in the Kickstarter as soon as PvP was mentioned. This IP needs an MMO with proper backing. Owlcat games has done good work for the single player they need to find someone who can do the same with an MMO.

Michael Fuchs

I hope Pathfinder gets a good MMO iteration when this one sunsets. It deserves it.


Such a shame. That IP deserved more. Good on them for finishing out the arc.


I tried this mmo when they were giving away 30 days codes with Humble Bundle. I can safely say that this is the second worst mmorpg I’ve ever played in my life. The worst one is Hailan Rising for anyone wondering.