Dauntless releases the Bloodshot Shrowd and a new omnicell in latest Halloween-flavored patch

Last week, Dauntless put out a Halloween-centric update that, among other things, added a new fight against a brazier-powered Shrowd, a fight that we found to be… less than fun. Ideally, the multiplayer monster slayer’s latest patch brings a more fun Shrowd encounter: the Bloodshot Shrowd.

“A stronger, more devious Shrowd has appeared on the Shattered Isles. The Bloodshot Shrowd not only corrupts Slayers, but steals their health to unleash its true power. Slay it on Twilight Sanctuary in the Ritual of Blood island event.”

This new Shrowd variant not only drops a rumor for a Shadow Scythe axe skin, it also drops materials for a new Revenant omnicell, which lets players enter a 15 second-long Revenant state, allowing them to summon a void orb that can unleash big damage to a Behemoth at the cost of up to 500 player health and the inability to heal while in Revenant form.

The update also introduces a new Hunter controller laoyout, a number of balance changes and quality-of-life fixes, and continued free cosmetics for completing Unseen Note quests until November 1st as outlined in the last update. All of the latest details are in the newest patch notes.


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