Elyon’s weekly patch adds closed beta rewards, Halloween deco and furniture


Elyon is just a week out of the gate and still trucking along, as evidenced by today’s patch. Kakao has fixed mana awakening nodes, icons, multiple items in the cash and token shops, and the reward table of the Transcendent Dungeon Hall of Challenges. And if you were waiting on your closed beta rewards, those are ready for you now in the web inventory; those are everything from the survey and participation rewards to the customization event and the preorder packages, as well as the treasure hunt the studio hosted on social media.

Players can also expect some Halloween festivities to seep into several areas of the game, including Reclaimed Honor, Crescent Molar Foothold, Sea of Ruins Foothold, Gray Mountains, Sunmane Foothold, and Red Carriage Foothold. “Halloween-related furniture/landscape items have been added,” the team writes. “Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for more information on how to get them!”

Elyon’s thus far hanging on to its playerbase; it saw a peak concurrency just three days ago over 15,000 players, with over 12,000 peak in the past day.

Source: Patch notes
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