Albion Online’s Halloween offers dungeons and mount skins for Allhallows

Have you ever seen a happier donkey in your life?


Halloween has returned to the MMOPVP lands of Albion Online for the Allhallows season. Sandbox Interactive has decorated the towns and opened the gates of the Hallowed Ground dungeons in T4-and-up maps as of this morning. Players will be jostling for the happiest donkey ever, Jack o’ Donkey, as well as the Horse Macabre mount skin.

“The nights are drawing in, there’s a chill in the air… yes, Allhallows has returned to Albion!” the studio says.

“From 10:00 UTC on October 27 through to 10:00 UTC on November 10 you can run the Hallowed Ground dungeon by entering one of the special portals that appear randomly in T4-T8 zones across the open world. Once inside you’ll find creepy corridors filled with pumpkins, gruesome mobs, and the strange, terrifying final boss known simply as Bob. Both group and solo versions of the dungeons will appear, and each offer rare seasonal loot like the Jack o’ Donkey and Horse Macabre mount skins. And as always, Halloween decorations will adorn each of Albion’s cities to mark this eerie time.”

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