Halloween fun across the MMORPG genre, 2021 edition


Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been rounding up all the Halloween events descending upon our favorite MMORPGs and MMO-adjacent titles, and there are a lot – more than ever – thanks to the fact that nobody likes dressing up as weirdos more than MMO players. I said what I said. Enjoy our roundup of all the Halloween events we’ll be enjoying as the season comes to a close!

One Shots: Double double the firepower - As we all know, while one weapon is good, it's never as good as two. Preferably you'd want to have three or four going, if you can train your feet…
One Shots: Marinating in Halloween - Yes, yes, I know you saw the headline and can't wait for some tricks and treats, but we have some business to take care of before seasonal fun. And that…

A few more that didn’t make it into our pages over the last few weeks…

? APB Online – Halloween festivities commenced yesterday.

? AQ3D – The Masquerade Ball is live.

? Champions Online – Bloodmoon is in its final week!

? For Honor – Ubisoft is running Survivors of the Fog through November 11th.

? GTA Online – The latest update brought ghost cars, Slashers, and UFOs to Los Santos.

? Osiris New Dawn – Lurking in the Shadows is live today.

? Red Dead Online – Rockstar released another Halloween pass.

? Spiral Knights – The Dark Harvest Festival has returned, tasking players with taking on the Punkin King and his gourdlings.

And of course, the Steam Halloween sale is live. If you spy anything we missed, give us a boo in the comments!

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