Atlas lets players explore portals, build monuments, and use power nodes in the Sea of Wonders update


The piratical survival sandbox of Atlas has kicked out a pretty chunky update that brings, among other things, buildable monuments, new areas of the map, and portals.

The update, titled Sea of Wonders, lets guilds build three different single monuments that grant the owning company impressive buffs depending on the monument built. These new buildable monuments are the opening step in a wider Wonder system, which are massive, distinct structures that grant additional permanent buffs for the controlling company. Only one type of wonder can be built per server, however, so guilds looking for some sweet building-based buffs will want to get to work.

Building these monuments requires the use of a newly added power node system, which sees temporary power nodes that allow players to harvest resources needed to build monuments appear for limited periods of time at random locations around the map. There’s also a static form of power node that lets players build distinct structures.

Six new areas have also been added to the game via portals that can be found around the map. These areas include Rookie Cove, Central Waters, and areas based on the Caribbean, the North Pole, and Africa. There’s even a portal in Central Waters that only opens with power stones, promising some enticing mystery on the other side.

Finally, the update brings new gear, new ships to build, and a host of bug fixes. The full details about what’s in this update are in the patch notes, while a preview video shows off the latest features.

sources: press release, official forums

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