Dual Universe is bringing the Demeter update to PTS on October 29 and November 5


The time for miners to shine in Dual Universe’s Demeter update is almost here, but first the update has to be put through its paces as Novaquark is asking players to hop into the game’s PTS and attempt to break the update on two separate weekends, with the first happening now and running until November 1st and the second scheduled to run between November 5th and November 8th. The second test could possibly host a special event with the devs assuming the first test goes well.

Testing the game’s new server tech’s stability is the primary is the primary focus for these PTS weekends, as well as ensuring constructs aren’t adversely affected by new geometry resets and digging deep underground and building underground constructs. Of course, the update’s new mining tools can be played around with as well.

On the subject of underground constructs – specifically those that are already built in the game currently – players are being asked to submit requests for construct excavation assistance from the devs, as Demeter’s geometry reset may cause some problems for these kinds of builds. More information on how to submit such a request can be found on the forums.

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