Open Perpetuum reworks the Gamma Islands area and outlines a three-phase release schedule


Open Perpetuum, the player-run and officially sanctioned emulator of the original sci-fi sandbox Perpetuum, is moving in to something of a major content release. The Gamma Islands have arrived; they are described by the devs as “end-game, group-oriented, high risk vs reward territorial game play” and feature the ability for players to take control of certain islands, terraform them, and build structures and bases.

These newly released Gamma Islands are reworked from the ground up from their original format, with reconsidered rules, tactics, and metas to make the content fun, fair, scalable, and important to the game’s wider world. The Gamma Islands have also expanded in number, with a total of 40 islands set to release. These 40 islands all have different tier levels, with benefits and tradeoffs in terms of material, tech level support, and map placement.

As for that release, it will be done in three phases, with the first phase out now that lets the islands be visible but not accessible. Phase two will start a couple of weeks later in early November, granting players a chance to engage in PvE content, and phase three will bring Gamma Structures and colonization features in late November.

If this happens to be your first time hearing about Open Perpetuum, then you might be interested in getting a briefing from this MMORPG subreddit showcase that provides a rundown of the game’s features. It also details a welcome event for new players on the game’s official Discord where vets and devs will be offering hands-on assistance with new playters’ first steps. The game went free-to-play recently, so there’s nothing to lose except some time.

sources: official site, Reddit, thanks to Protobear for the tip!
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