Vampire ARPG V Rising takes you into its gothic world with a new trailer

Will you be the next Dracula or the next Count Duckula?


Stop us if you’ve heard this pitch before: An online action-RPG in which players adventure through a gothic world clicking frantically and looting every nasty beastie that the landscape can throw at them. Even so, V Rising isn’t trying to be a straight-up Diablo clone; this “vampire survivalbox” puts players into the fancy shoes of a vampire and gives them the opportunity to fight the forces of good while building up their own castle.

Stunlock Studios released a new gameplay video this week that shows off the spooky world of V Rising, from dark forests to dank underground caverns to ghost communes. V Rising is currently revving up for beta, and those interested would do well to sign up for a possible key.

Source: Press release
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