Fortnite is closing down in China on November 15


One of the biggest names in battle royale is closing up shop in China in the middle of this month. The Chinese version of Fortnite announced that it will be shutting down on Monday, November 15th, closing out its service with what looks like some special events that hand out V-Bucks to players before the servers go dark.

What the announcement didn’t elaborate on is the reason for the game’s shutdown, but there’s no shortage of speculation, and most of that speculation revolves around the Chinese government’s crackdown on gaming access and the games industry at large, which started with limiting minors’ game time to three hours a week and has since ballooned to regulatory finger-wagging against games with “blurred moral boundaries” or “effeminate males” among other red flags. Regardless of the reason, Fortnite will soon be no more in China.

source: official site via Kotaku

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