Legends of Runeterra promises regularly occurring card updates as it celebrates 180M monthly players


Riot Games’ CCG Legends of Runeterra appears to be going over pretty well. We can leap to that conclusion with the help of a tweet from the studio, which lauded 180M monthly players in the month of October – a new high mark in concurrency for the game.

In terms of updates, players of Runeterra got one a couple of weeks ago, which kicked off the Between the Worlds ranked season and made some card changes. On the subject of card changes, the latest patch notes offered a general strategy for how the devs will be handling card balancing.

“Moving forward, expect to see regularly-occurring scheduled card updates targeted towards impacting the meta, nerfing clear overperformers, buffing underperformers, and generally improving deck diversity. These updates will be staggered in between expansion releases.”

In the meantime, the game is enjoying lots of apparent players, a launch of the Beyond the Bandlewood expansion, and the upcoming League of Legends animated series Arcane, which incidentally got its final trailer yesterday.

Riot Games is considered a controversial company in the gaming world following a 2018 exposé of the sexual discrimination and harassment inherent in what workers described as its “bro culture.” The scandal brought forth accusations against multiple developers and high-ranking executives and ultimately led to a developer labor dispute and walk-out. Lawsuits from former workers and the state of California, which has alleged that Riot is refusing to cooperate with its investigation, are ongoing.
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