Lineage 2M kicks off its beta worldwide through November 7


Wait, didn’t we already have this? Isn’t there already a version of Lineage II playable on mobile devices? I can’t keep up with this any more. There are like seven versions of this game now and it’s impossible to tell one from the other because they all have titles so similar it’s like walking into a room full of men named Steve who all inexplicably have the same haircut and business shirt. Whatever. Lineage 2M, it’s in beta testing through November 7th, you can play it on PC with NCsoft’s cross-play app PURPLE, let’s all go back to bed.

This version of the game was announced for a worldwide release just a month ago, with a promise that it would be fully released in winter, so the beta test is likely just to test the localization and specific servers. Players will receive currency and rare class cards for taking place in the beta; it’s also worth noting that the game did quite well in its native home of South Korea, so that’s good to know. If you can keep track of which version this one is supposed to be, anyhow.

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