Neverwinter begins the second milestone of its Echoes of Prophecy campaign on all platforms


It’s a new month, which means a new milestone step in Neverwinter’s Echoes of Prophecy campaign for PC and console players. This next phase, titled Prophetic Retellings, is asking players to root out various dragon cult cells scattered across Faerûn, all while they rake in rewards such as the Neverwinter Knight companion, Neverwintan Hawk vanity pet, and a Corbin the Venerated companion, depending on whether players are chasing free or premium battle pass rewards.

Readers will recall that this new campaign will be running through the remainder of this year, with milestone three slated to start on December 1st and another new module arriving after that sometime in January 2022. If talk about campaigns and battle passes has you a bit lost, make sure to also check our interview with Cryptic for more.

source: press release

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