Rappelz has made its way to iOS and Android devices in a recently released mobile version


Here’s a game title we haven’t heard from in a while, at least not since April when it decided to join in on the crypto racket: It’s Rappelz, the MMORPG that first released in 2006 and has been chugging along ever since. Now, it’s chugged its way to mobile devices with a launch on iOS and Android.

The mobile version of Rappelz promises all of the title’s classic trappings like a large open world, monster taming, open PvP, and plenty of PvE content. The mobile version also touts the ability to run on older phones as well as newer ones thanks to a wealth of graphics options, and promises “NO gender-lock, NO Full Auto gameplay and NO VIP system” in its free-to-play release. You can tell the game is serious by the all capitalized no’s. Interested players can take a peek on Google Play and the App Store or just watch the video below.

source: press release

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