Black Desert PC gives players a manor to rent, Black Desert Mobile holds a contest for the Sage class’ arrival


“Yo, MTV, welcome to Serendia. This is my crib,” is something players of Black Desert on PC could possibly say with this week’s patch, which has introduced the Blue Maned Lion’s Manor that players can rent and decorate. They could also say things like, “Check out my incredible interior design,” or “I made a garden maze and now you have 10 minutes to solve it or die.”

They could also say “That manor is pretty expensive,” as renting the location will require an initial investment of five Contribution Points and a daily tax that has to be paid to Serendia. This tax adds up to multi-millions, but there are discounts that are offered for those who rent the manor for certain spans of time, and if players choose to close their rental contract early, any unspent silver will be refunded minus a surcharge. Additionally, the Imperial Auction House will put a Blue Maned Lion’s Manor Deed up for auction from time to time, which permanently removes the need for CP investment and silver taxes.

While players have run of the manor, they can freely decorate both the interior and exterior as well as put down some manor-exclusive decor items for that extra bit of nouveau riche flair. Additional features are planned for the manor as well, such as the ability to hold outdoor concerts of put down a mock dueling circle. The patch notes outline all of the manor-related goodies, as well as new events, class adjustments, and more.

Meanwhile on Black Desert Mobile, the Sage class is due to arrive on Tuesday, November 9th, but players can pre-create their Sage now and the game is holding a pre-creation contest to celebrate. Players have between now and November 8th to craft their best Sage and share it on Facebook or Instagram for a chance at 500 Black Pearls and a seven-day Appearance Coupon. As for this week’s update, there are class tweaks, a new emblem reward for Path of Glory, and a refresh of the world boss Khan.

sources: Black Desert PC site, Black Desert Mobile site (1, 2)
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