Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Update 51 and its epic destinies revamp has officially gone live


Today is the day when players of Dungeons and Dragons Online can take hold of their destiny and not be confused by the whole thing. It’s Update 51 launch day for the MMORPG, and with it comes the much ballyhooed revamp of its epic destinies system.

The latest update is such a shakeup to the core of the epic destinies system that the patch notes needed two separate websites to contain all of the details. At the brass tacks level, this revamp resembles Heroic Enhancements – Cores with some notable differences. The system also features improvements through the level 20 to 30 process, lets players equip three epic destinies at once, adds a new destiny called Magus of the Eclipse, and makes the system freely available to all players.

As mentioned, the patch notes are long and dense with information on how it all works as well as item-by-item breakdowns of every single epic destiny tree now in the game. Basically, you’d better get cozy if you’re going to read the whole shebang.

source: official site (1, 2), thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!

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