Star Wars: The Old Republic lays out the philosophy for player gear with Legacy of the Sith

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If you hate randomness in gearing, you’re going to like the philosophy that Star Wars: The Old Republic is bringing to the table with the game’s Legacy of the Sith expansion. A new development post outlines exactly what is planned for the game’s ongoing gearing, with a vertical progression system that’s designed to eliminate virtually all randomness from the process. When the update launches, players can expect reliable weekly rewards for finishing Flashpoints and Story Operations from a limited pool, offering a definite upgrade to your lowest-rated piece of gear.

You can also trade in rewarded gear items for an upgrade, as well as having a currency pool dropping from bosses that can be spent on further gear upgrades. In other words, the game is clearly expecting you to be building upon the gear you have rather than relying on luck from random drops or rewards that happen to show up. There’s a lot of specifics for forms of content like Conquest and PvP, so check out the full rundown to get a clear picture of how upgrades will take place when the expansion arrives.

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