Crowfall plans more small-scale PvP options for patch 7.3000 arriving on November 8

Now let's fewer of you fight.

The big marquee feature of Crowfall’s next major update is all about letting fewer people fight one another. The 7.3000 update is bringing with it the addition of new zones limited to 25 or 50 alliance members instead of the 100-strong larger sieges, giving players more small-scale options to engage one another. This is in addition to changes to the new player experience (including the option to jump right in and bypass most of the tutorials), campaign reward increases, a chat revamp, and more.

The changes to PvP size and new player onboarding comes in wake of the game’s last update in October, which already added ready-made archetypes and changes to item and XP rewards. Crowfall launched back in July with players quickly worried about the game’s overall population; developer Artcraft Entertainment went through a round of layoffs that were attributed to moving on to a live service operation even as former team members spoke more negatively about the game’s future prospects.

Patch 7.3000 is planned for release on November 8th, but players can test it on the game’s test server now; four hours of testing earns players a special belt accessory.


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