Final Fantasy XI is bringing new advancement systems and new Voracious Resurgence with November

Contains some monsters.

You’ve mastered your job in Final Fantasy XI and have reached the end of your leveling process at long last. That’s a reason to celebrate! Except that it’s not the end, not any more, as the November version update is bringing with it a new leveling system in the form of Master Levels that increase your base attributes. Yes, there’s more leveling to be done! There is always advancement to be done. It will never be over. Of course, this means facing some stronger monsters along the way…

Players will also have a new installment of the Voracious Resurgence story to play through with more exploration of the Far East and more background on the ever-enigmatic Yagudo. It’s a meaty update for the game in November, so check out the full rundown of planned changes on the official site. There’s also plenty of new material on the anniversary site if you need more to read ahead of the patch release.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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