The Daily Grind: Do you support MMOs that you don’t like or play?


Last month when Book of Travels launched, I caught a comment from a MOP reader, Kothoses, who said something that really grabbed me. He said that he wanted to love the game, wanted to relax and marvel at the world while wandering, but wandering was the only thing really happening for him. Even so, he wasn’t mad. “I will just tell my self I supported art rather than corporate greed for once, and be happy at that,” he wrote. Then MOP reader Vanquesse echoed the idea: “Even if I end up not liking it, I know I’ll have supported something that is entirely unlike [World of Warcraft], and we need more of those games.”

I kinda feel the same way. There have been bigger games that I’ve been deeply disappointed by and wish I could retract my money from, but this isn’t one of them, despite the fact that I found it unfinished and confusing. It is unfinished and confusing, but it’s also beautiful and weird, and even if this one’s not perfect, I want to see more beautiful and weird MMOs attempted and support developers making beautiful and weird things instead of Ye Olde Gankbox or Ye Olde Themepark. So I’m glad I backed it, no matter what happens.

Do you support MMOs that you don’t like or play?

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