Crowfall’s 7.300 update will introduce mines full of resources to collect


The upcoming 7.300 patch to Crowfall already sounds like it’s full of enhancements to drive PvP such as tuning for smaller groups and more rewards for campaigns, but on top of that players will get to fight over resource-rich mines. Because nothing stirs up PvP hostilities quite like resource procurement.

Each campaign will have 24 mines that spawn across the map: two mines per adventure zone and four mines per wildland zone. Different mines will spawn either timber, ingots, or boulders, which can be collected from five resource chests that respawn every hour in random places in a mine in order to prevent camping.

Overall, mines dish out more resources than forts in prior game versions would over a 24-hour period. Additionally, mines won’t have siege timers, meaning players can fight for those tasty resources any time they like. If you’re the kind of player who likes to fight over supply, this update might have your number.

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