Atlas crushes a number of bugs plaguing the Sea of Wonders update in recent patch


Even though the website for Atlas is suffering from some issues, that’s definitely not stopping the devs at Grapeshot Games from sharing some patch notes on Steam that outline a list of bug fixes made to the sandbox’s recently released Sea of Wonders update.

The bugs in question don’t read like they’re particularly game-shattering but they most certainly were annoying, as the patch fixes things like unclickable bed icons, incorrectly functioning decay timers, tamed creatures or NPCs sliding off of ships when entering a portal (pet overboard!), and water barrel interactions crashing the game.

The update has also made a few tweaks to certain crafting recipes like moving steering wheel and storage box recipes to the Basics of Sailing skill. Also, merchant ships will no longer be able to sail through islands, which probably is a disappointment to those merchant ship NPC captains.

sources: Twitter, Steam

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