Gloria Victis is free-to-play until November 15 ahead of its upcoming full release


In a half promotional event, half stress test, low-fantasy PvP sandbox MMORPG Gloria Victis is free-to-play through Monday, November 15th. The free play event will not feature any limitations on what content players can access, and those who like what they see during the trial will have their character data saved should they wish to buy in.

The devs of Black Eye Games note that this free trial serves an additional purpose: preparing the MMORPG for stress tests before it wraps up its early access and makes its way to full launch. A press release from the studio doesn’t offer any launch window for the game in full, but does note that the devs plan to do so “as soon as possible” after server capabilities and performance is tested.

For those who are unfamiliar, Gloria Victis is a medieval MMORPG with a more realistic bent, offering action combat, territory control, a player-driven economy, class-less character progression, and a living open world. Referred to as “Mount & Blade meets PlanetSide 2” by the devs, the game touts the ability for players to put together their own roles, whether it’s a blacksmith, a farmer, a berserker, or a knight. The game has been in early access since June 2016 and has made a slew of adjustments and updates along the way, and now it appears to be nearing the finish line, after players whale on the servers for a few days, anyway.

sources: press release, Steam
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